Things To Do This Summer

Often times towards the middle of summer break, I begin to become bored with the lazy regime I’ve established everyday (stay up late, sleep in until 2 PM, and just continously bingewatch TV shows in bed all day long) and feel as though I’m wasting my precious summertime. For those who also struggle with this, I have complied a list of things you absolutely must do this summer! (Some may be regionally biased, so I’m sorry if a few do not apply to you based on where you live!)

  1. Go to the beach (duh, how more typical-summer can you get than the beach?). You can collect seashells, go in the ocean obviously, watch the sun set and rise, walk on the boardwalk (where you can ride rides, play typical carnival games, and pick up some fudge or saltwater taffy), or take cool pictures!
  2. Picnic at a park or in your backyard. Bring something to sit on, a basket to hold your food and refreshments (that being said, food and drinks. I reccomended something that doesn’t require utensils like sandwiches) , and some friends to enjoy it with!
  3. Go fruit picking. (Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, tomatoes, raspberries, grapes, and strawberries are all in season during the summertime) 
  4. Visit a local flea market. Flea markets have a plentiful amount of anything you can possibly imagine from clothes to toys to technology. The ability to bargain prices to be more reasonably affordable is always a plus. Also, flea markets sometimes offer many interesting items you would have trouble finding elsewhere.  
  5. Build a fire (or fire up the backyard bonfire) and make s’mores. In my opinion, no dessert can compete with the delectable s’mores. It’s literally paradise wedged between two graham crackers. There’s just something about the gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate that make a delicious combination. 
  6. Set up a lemonade stand in front of your home. (Disclaimer, if you’re an adult this may not be as effective as if you were younger and *no offense* cuter.) 
  7. Hand wash your car. When my brother and I were younger, we thought it was the most entertaining thing ever to wash our parents cars. (Although admittedly, they usually ended up less clean and a whole lot more soapy than when we started.) 
  8. Have a yard sale. Making some money and getting rid of old things yo no longer need? Total win-win! 
  9. Tie-dye…well, anything! Go to your closest arts & crafts store (or virtually anywhere that sells the necessities for tie-dying) and tie dye any sort of clothing. Get creative with the designs! (For inspiration, visit this website;
  10. Invite your friends over for a DIY spa day. (For spa treatments for things from puffy eyes to zits visit; 
  11. Visit a farmers market. Locally and organically grown fruits and veggies? Count me in! 
  12. Go outside with some paint, brushes, and a canvas and paint the scenery. (Or follow along to a Bob Ross video indoors if it’s too hot outside!) 
  13. Go camping in the woods or camp in your backyard. Or if you don’t have a tent and any sort of camping supplies or the room to pitch a tent in your backyard, then build a fort in an open space in your home. You’re never too old to make a pillow fort!
  14. Go stargazing somewhere quiet and far from the city. Bring a blanket and a friend to enjoy the magnificent and tranquil sight.
  15. Throw a clothes swap party. Invite your most stylish friends over and ask them to bring clothes they may not wear anymore or don’t like. You can trade clothes; a way to get rid of old things you may no longer want and possibly get some cute new clothes! 
  16. Start a blog. (Does this qualify as breaking the fourth wall?) Post about virtually anything you want from recipes to DIY projects to rants, anything!
  17. Visit an aquarium or zoo. I’m more of an aquarium person however. I could spend hours watching those fancy looking fish swim.
  18. Attempt some sort of intricate and creative nail or toenail art. Try your hand at ombre or marble designs. (To get more ideas, visit;
  19. Participate in a “fun run”. What I mean by this is a color, mud, or bubble run. These runs don’t require participants to be serious runners nor is it usually organized to be a “race”. This creates an easy going and chill environment to run in. 
  20. Make homemade pizza. If you’re watching your carbohydrate intake, subsitute the crust for cauliflower or sweet potato. 
  21. Go kayaking, canoeing, or rafting on a lake/river. During the summer time I prefer to spend the majority of my break near or in water. It’s an extremly refreshing way to cool down and all these activites burn major calories! 
  22. Go to a baseball game, major or minor league. Even though I’m not a big fan of watching baseball games, the exciting atmosphere and stadium food is always fun. 
  23. Plan a themed party of sorts. BBQ, potluck, tea party, pool party, decades party, murder mystery, anything. 
  24. Go on a spontaneous road trip with a small group of friends. Simply hop in the largest car and drive. It’ll hopefully be like one of those indie movies about “finding yourself”. Maybe it’ll even end with you guys all returning home more spiritually enriched. 
  25. Volunteer somewhere. If you’re a high school student, the summertime is the best time to rake up those community service hours. And if that doesn’t apply to you, volunteering is always a great thing to do to help out in your community. Possible places include a hospital, animal shelter, or a food pantry depending on your age.  

Whatever you decide to do this summer, I hope you have fun and stay safe!


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